I'm a Computer Science Student.

Currently studying Computer Science (Bsc) at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College.

I'm also a front-end web developer, based in Greece.

I write HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I turn designs into web pages. I make things look and work right in different browsers.

I love coding.

I really enjoy coding! I'm not a designer just programming for me is fine! I'm a Linux enthusiast too!


Lite CSS

Lite CSS is a simple, responsive and any device friendly customizable framework.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4(X) Snapdragon (mido) and Mi A1 (tissot) Android Kernel.

Mido Oreo

Redmi Note 4 (mido) Android Kernel.

Pokemon Game

A Java implementation for the popular game Pokemon. Two maps are included with one gameplay.

CM10 SystemUI

This is a CM10 SystemUI plugin. (Ported from kitkat to jellybean) with some extra features added like double tap to 'sleep' from CM11.

Shinovam Theme

A ported theme for Nibbleblog platform, remastered by me and added some extra features like social media share, disqus comment system and minor corrections.

simpleCV Template

A simple CV website template.

Olympus Website

For the 'Introduction to Web Technologies' assignment. Website was developed in less than 1 week, back in 2015

Conky Configurations

My own conky configurations, mostly for laptop usage.


[email protected]